It’s been a millenia since anyone has mentioned the gods, other than as an anecdote of the past. An age of awakening occurred, where the inhabitants of Alessa learned that science and magic ruled the world they traveled, not some group of Dragon Gods with fickle desires.

The Enclave of Magi rule the users of magic, accepting any with the gift into training, and hunting down those who refuse training. Those hunted are not killed, but are implanted with a dwomer crystal which saps them of their innate magical ability. Some say this dwomer crystal merely drains the energy, returning it to the earth, others claim the Enclave siphons it for some use, only the head magi know for certain.

Recently the unexpected has occurred, two cults have arisen claiming true gods are alive in Alessa. Rholler’s Light insist that a being of holy and good is out there, watching over all his children. They are spreading teachings that all should bow and worship him, and those of evil and unbelief should be punished, some are even claiming to have seen miracles performed by the most devout followers. Cult of Shadow are plaguing the lands, making sacrifices of livestock, and even young children. They proclaim that the god of darkness lives in the deepest corners of the hearts of all creatures, and if enough blood is spilled he will rise and reward his followers, while wiping out those who do not believe.

Perhaps even stranger than this is the whispers that there are those that still worship the Dragon Gods, and seek to return them to their rightful place of honor.

Temple of the Dragon Gods